Discover the versatility of our DIY building kits

With FRISOKIT, you choose high-quality, DIY building kits made of 100% galvanised steel. Our DIY building kits are the ideal solution for companies, individuals and associations with a wide variety of building needs. Together we carefully look for the most suitable FRISOKIT DIY building kit with the desired options.

Choose your

DIY building kit

When choosing a FRISOKIT DIY building kit, there are a lot of possibilities. We will work with you to find the most suitable solution tailored to your needs. The process consists of:

  1. Choosing the type of structure
  2. Determining the dimensions
  3. Selecting the desired cladding
  4. Choosing the right finish for your DIY structure.

Below you will find all the possibilities.


Sturdy structure made of cold-formed, hot-dip galvanised steel for a long service life with limited maintenance.

Doors and windows
Multiple sizes available.

Multiple solutions to bring daylight into your building.

Insulated or uninsulated, according to your needs

A roof slope that suits your needs.

Put together your DIY steel building kit

1.Choose the type of building

Start at the beginning and choose a building that suits your needs.
Choose from:

2.Determine the dimensions

At FRISOKIT, we produce DIY structures within certain standard dimensions. Many variations are possible within these dimensions. Choose the width, height and length of your building yourself.

3.Select the desired cladding

Our FRISOKIT DIY building kits consist of high-quality, galvanised cladding panels with various options.

4.Choose the finish of your DIY building

Frisokit Dripstop


  • For uninsulated DIY steel buildings kits, we recommend an anti-condensation membrane to prevent formation of condensation



  • Insulated building:
    • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Uninsulated building:
    • Material: Polyester

Frisokit Opties Ramen


  • Possible dimensions:
    • 1 m by 1 m
    • 2 m by 1 m



  • Insulated or uninsulated, depending on your building
  • An emergency exit door in standard colours



  • Two-piece sliding door
  • In 2 colours with some standard dimensions



  • Manual or electric in various colours

Beekeeper Richard Noel

A Frisokit production hall for beekeeping

Richard Noel has always been a busy bee. The British entrepreneur moved from the Channel Island of Jersey to the French peninsula of Brittany 20 years ago to start a garden business there. He then also started keeping bees. More than 200 hives later, Richard invested in the construction of a professional bee house with Frisokit for the hobby that eventually became his job and his life’s work.

Why opt for a DIY building kit?

Be inspired by the world of DIY and its myriad benefits. Our versatile DIY steel building kits can be assembled by two people thanks to the unique Frisomat construction system. It’s lightweight, yet still robust, high quality and sturdy!


FRISOKIT produces everything in-house in Belgium, so you buy directly from the manufacturer. Top quality at factory prices!

Fast delivery times

Because we produce everything ourselves, from start to finish, we deliver within 8 weeks. Fast and yet tailor-made!

Easy to assemble

With a team of 2–3 people and simple tools, you can easily assemble your DIY building kit yourself.

Interested in a DIY steel building kit?

Would you like to learn more about our customers who preceded you and constructed their own building?

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